About John Klaphake

"Together, we can address the tough questions,
Take action now,
And make a real difference."


I have never shied away from life's challenges. Reflecting back on the last 30 or so years, I realise that every step of my journey was taken knowing that I have been true to myself and to others. Sure, I have marched to the beat of my own drum, but never to the exclusion of others.

Family, friends and the various communities I have been involved with are very important to me. My commitment to them all reflects my genuine empathy and interest in the well-being of others. Each challenge has been an opportunity to grow, to gain confidence and deepen my knowledge and experience.

I now realise that my somewhat ecletic history has pointed me in the next leg of my journey. It is with some pride that I know I am well qualified to take on the next set of challenges.

I have decided to use my experience, knowledge, drive and passion to "make things right" for this great region of Wellington; a region I have been actively part of for most of my life to be a people's representative on the Greater Wellington Regional Council.


I feel, that at this juncture of my life, I can bring fresh, honest thinking to the mix.

As a region I believe we can do better. The old, entrenched thinking that has been applied in the past simply hasn't been doing us any favours – it really is time for a change.

As a region we have to start making the tough calls and doing the right thing – I am known for stepping up to the plate and tackling difficult issues, with success.

My values are based on doing what is right and having the gumption to follow things through, no matter what. My personal mantra is "the truth unpeeled", and I live by that daily.

I believe I am the right person to champion those that want the tough issues addressed and now; so that collectively we can bring about change for the better. I am not one to sit on the fence; and I don't want to sit idly by while the region struggles to get to grips with the demands that are besetting it.

I thrive on bringing robust, critical thinking to the equation and provoking fresh, innovative perspectives. It is all about fighting the good fight… and coming out on top.


I am direct and to the point.

People need me to be honest and above board in all the roles I have - and I'll always deliver on that score.

For generations people have struggled to find people to represent their truth - I know, I am one of these people simply because I tell it like it is.

I am John Klaphake, this is the time for truth - for all of us.

While I am known for being direct and honest, it is tempered with benevolence, kindness and consideration.

It is in my nature to protect, nurture and work selflessly for the people I represent.

I am John Klaphake, I grew up with the belief that it never hurts to be kind - it takes a little effort and can reap large rewards for everyone.

All of this needs some grit, some determination.

In the face of adversity it would be easy to cave in, to capitulate. That is not in my nature.

I am known to be brave and resolute against all the odds.

I am John Klaphake, whatever you want to call it: bravery, staunchness - I have the bottle to be there for people.

I have adopted this approach to life because that is what is right and decent.

I am not doing this for the acclaim, for the recognition. I am not ego driven.

But... I can't do thia alone, no matter how staunch I believe I am - we have to do this together and have solidarity.

I am John Klaphake, let's unite in doing what is right.

He does his research and is thoughtful, but then he speaks straight and tells it like it is.

Chris Giannotti

He doesn't just think of the present and the solutions that will only satisfy us today, his vision is firmly set to the future.

Stephen Crabtree

He is astute and very well reasoned, he is well grounded in our community and will represent us well.

Tony Swain

He's down to earth and practical - and very determined. He can and will make the tough calls when required.

Eric Sun

He has the right mix of grit, determination and intellectual fortitude the Wellington region needs. It is time that someone steps up to the plate and truly represents the voice of Wellington - I believe John is that person.

Adrian Woodliffe